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Prepare your boyfriend a good Christmas meal is the starting key to his heart and a marvellous Christmas gift, go to a quiet place and give him the opportunity to sing the songs he love. You can give your boyfriend a camera to capture every moment with you.

Also getting your boyfriend a book on writing love songs? Why not? You probably write about the depth of his eyes and it will make your boyfriend happy.

There is also a miniature Christmas tree, beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. In the evening you have him involved, and he, in front of you, has both bright faces. Love is in the air and romantic.

The best gift you can give to your boyfriend is turning the tables and sucking it. Here's a man who knows how to deal with women, so it's up to you to show your boyfriend what you already have and who you've been with and whom you have always dreamed of.

Also buy nice, attractive clothes and put your boyfriend on makeup, that sounds funny tho but it's awesome.

Become a sexy Christmas that is posted on posters. Take your boyfriend to a popular restaurant and wear a nice dress. Satisfy your deepest desires and he will only have eyes for you. You will remember the Christmas as a special Christmas. As an extra Christmas gift, you can give your boyfriend a good smell for men. He will appreciate it. He is dandy, but he is your dandy.